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We accelerate access to affordable and innovative medicines because

Good Health
Can’t Wait

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Our Purpose

‘Good Health’ is always our goal. We see medicines not just as molecules, but as means to attain good health. Being in the pharmaceutical industry we realize our unique role, as well the ethical and moral imperative, to help patients regain good health as quickly as possible and to promote wellness among them.

‘Can’t Wait’ reflects our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients, and accelerate access to much needed medicines to large numbers of people around the world.

It is this belief that has driven us to define our purpose: to accelerate access to affordable and innovative medicines.

Our belief is guided by our principles - Empathy and Dynamism - which provide both guidance for our current behaviour and inspiration for our future actions.

Our Promises

Bringing expensive medicine within reach

We leveraged the FDA Reauthorization Act and launched a generic version of Naloxone Hydrochloride injection in the US for opioid addiction. Our North America Generics team was able to motivate our wholesalers and distributors to ship the product as quickly as possible to areas hardest hit by the opioid epidemic. This accelerated access to lower–cost generic drugs for our patients.


Addressing unmet patient needs

We launched the nutritional drink Celevida® to provide the millions of diabetes and prediabetes patients in India with required nutrition. Celevida helps manage blood glucose spikes, supports weight management and contains fibre, protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and other key nutrients to boost immunity.


Helping patients manage disease better

Life can be challenging for patients living with cancer. They need 24x7 support and quality care during the most critical periods of their illness. We designed Alivius, a digital platform launched in Colombia and Brazil, which enables patients to manage their disease more easily from pre-diagnosis through treatment.


Enabling and helping our partners ensure our medicines are available where needed

One Christmas Day, we got a call from a hospital in southern France in need of a medicine for a patient with a rare disease. It had failed to source the product from its warehouse partner and other hospitals. We take our responsibility to deliver medicines on time very seriously. Our team managed to source the product and convinced a cabbie to travel 900km to deliver it immediately.


Working with partners to help them succeed

Valsartan and other Sartan APIs are used to treat blood pressure, kidney and heart diseases. At the end of 2018, Valsartan from many global manufacturers was found to contain carcinogenic nitrosamine impurities - undetected during routine testing - resulting in extensive recalls. But our process was designed to avoid the formation of these impurities. We provided necessary evidence of this to global regulators and customers, thus avoiding shortages. We continued supplying to our existing customers and also helped those looking for a trusted source.

  • Our Values

    In pursuit of our belief that Good Health Can’t Wait, we create an environment of innovation and learning to reach higher levels of excellence.

  • Integrity and Transparency

    We will uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our transactions

  • Safety

    We are committed to providing safe working environments through continuous improvement of our infrastructure, work practices and behaviors

  • Quality

    We are dedicated to designing quality into our products and processes to delight our stakeholders

  • Productivity

    We strive to achieve more with less through a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and a substantial focus on elimination of waste

  • Respect for the individual

    We are committed to creating a work environment that encourages diverse perspectives and upholds the dignity of work and of individuals

  • Collaboration and Team Work

    We will leverage expertise and resources from across our global network to create greater value for our stakeholders

  • Sustainability

    We will create value for all our stakeholders in a manner that respects our natural environment and serves the best interests of the communities in which we live and work