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We are committed to helping our employees around the world stay safe and healthy.

Pre-Hospitalisation COVID-19 Care Units

Dr. Reddy's set up COVID-19 care facilities at three locations - Hyderabad, Vizag and Baddi. Each facility was provisioned with all necessary equipment, oxygen and medicines as well as doctors and nurses

These units were set up for employees and their families.

Recent Initiatives

Safety First
To ensure that office premises are safe for our employees, certain measures have been put in place. These include availability of PPEs, sanitisers, temperature scanners and distancing protocols. Thorough sanitisation of all areas, cleaning of AHUs, and maintaining positive pressure airflow in core areas are regularly implemented.
Active Testing
We maintain constant vigilance through regular thermal screening, active testing and contact tracing. Proactive tests and tracking to identify asymptomatic cases are done through KeepSafe, an in-house app developed for employee health monitoring.

We care for our people

Creating channels for our employees and families to seek help on any COVID-19-related issue
Tele-consultation facilities are set up with doctors, nutritionists and counsellors to assist employees.
In-house testing and COVID-19 insurance for employees and their dependents are provided.
A Home Isolation Programme is in place and the care kit is free for employees via insurance.
A 24/7 helpline has been set up for medical emergencies.
If an employee contracts the virus, they can avail COVID-19 specific leaves.

People Speak

Dasari had to travel in the second week of April on personal work, but by the time he reached Vizag, his sister's family, wife and child were affected. Though asymptomatic, Dasari too got tested and was found to be Covid-19 positive. He immediately informed his superior and started medication at home under a doctor's supervision. A few days later, he was taking a turn for the worse, but Dr. Reddy's jumped in to get him admitted to a hospital within an hour.

"The assurance and support I received at a time of need felt like I was a family member for all my superiors. It gave me confidence and helped me to recover soon."

Dasari Padmanabhan
Team Member - CFA Management

Nilesh developed symptoms for Covid-19 around April 15, and he immediately got himself and his parents tested. They were all positive, but this was not all. Nilesh's wife and daughter in Nagpur also came down with the disease and he began to panic. He contacted the helpline and got immediate help, including a prescription and medicines. The help team assured him to contact them anytime, irrespective of day or night. Now, Nilesh's family has recovered fully, and he is almost there.

"It was a very stressful period, but the team became like an extended family for us. They checked up on me and my family regularly and provided treatment support as well as mental encouragement that helped me to overcome my panic."

Nilesh Vishwas Baraskar
Therapy Lead - Marketing CoE

Ashish's 76-year-old father was admitted to a hospital in Indore on May 1 when his condition deteriorated. He needed Remdesivir, but the situation was critical - for the 50 patients in the hospital who needed the injection, only seven vials were provided. At this time, Ashish reached out through the Dr. Reddy's employee helpline. Within 12 hours of providing all necessary documentation, Ashish received all the approvals. Several people jumped into action and the local CFA in Madhya Pradesh was cleared to provide Ashish with Remdesivir. His father is now recovering well.

"I see a lot of people struggling to even get an oxygen bed in Madhya Pradesh, and I feel lucky and proud to be working with an organisation like Dr. Reddy's that supported me in a situation like this."

Ashish Maheshwari
Area Business Manager - KAM HQ Indore

When Srinivas came down with Covid-19 recently, he became extremely stressed. He has two children, both under 10 years, and the intensity of the second wave led to panic. He sent his wife and children away to their hometown and isolated himself, but his landlord, a senior citizen, out of fear asked Srinivas to isolate outside the building premises. Unsure of what to do, he turned to his superiors who recommended he stay at a company-designated isolation centre. Srinivas's treatment progressed smoothly and he has now recovered.

"The team checked up on me every day, gave me priceless moral support and encouraged me to stay safe. All necessary assistance was provided to me and it's clear that I recovered only because of Dr. Reddy's support."

Srinivas More
Area Sales Manager, GG India, Novus Division

On April 30, Kalyan received a call from Naveen, a friend and alumnus of Dr. Reddy's, with an urgent request for Remdesivir for his father-in-law. Naveen had brought his father-in-law, already on oxygen support, from Sathupalli to Hyderabad in the hope of getting him treated but Remdesivir was proving to be impossible to source. Kalyan immediately reached out for help and Anand Garg, Head of Supply Chain, and VK Ashok, Head of Marketing, ensured that Naveen got the medicine by the next day. His father-in-law is now out of danger.

"They have been thanking me, but it is my responsibility to convey this gratitude to the team. With their help, we were able to save a life."

NCh Kalyan Narasimham
Sourcing Specialist, Supply Chain Management